Plaster Walls

Expert Plaster & Stucco Restoration - ALL NEW HOME IMPROVEMENT OF SANTA FE
Expert Plaster & Stucco Restoration

Do you wish those unsightly cracks and stains on your beautiful plaster walls would just go away? Have you been told that the wall must be completely re-plastered?

Well, the answer may be a repair that makes the work invisible. We can re-finish any surface in the home, resulting in a brand-new look with minimal cost and impact. Water stains? Spills? Fire damage? Movement cracks? We can repair and re-finish unwanted cracks and stains and make them literally disappear. We can match any color, texture or sheen, and you will never know where the repair was.


If you are unhappy or bored with your plaster colors, we can re-coat with new technology plaster finishes that are beautiful and elegant. Your home is your most important investment, why not protect that investment by updating and refining your finished plaster?


And the best part? The neatness and cleanliness of our crews. We mask off areas completely and clean up at the end of every work day. No more lingering messes! And no dust or tracks or chemical smells in the house…ever.

Careful Painting

The primary concern in fine painting is CARE. From the first step of deeply respecting the furnishings and floors of the client, to protecting the windows and doors with high-quality masking, All New Home Improvement excels in impact-free renewal of all fine finishes. Imagine your home regaining that brand-new look, as if it was just built.

Fine Wall House Painters Santa Fe
We Paint Carefully!

We specialize in clean, professional and prompt service, and invisible repairs. From water stains to cracks and warps, we can bring back that new house look. Using state-of-the-art products, techniques and practices, All New Home Improvement is the most trusted and experienced company in Northern New Mexico, with over 35 years of finished projects.

We make your home young again.

Call for a free consultation, or advice on how to get the result you want in a way that will last for years and years.