One of the most common and confusing problems for homeowners is how to easily update their home’s current technology. Home buyers are more and more likely to be searching for, and be knowledgeable about, the requirements for internet, satellite and home control systems.

For instance, if you go on a trip and forget to turn the heat down, you can call your heat system from anywhere in the world and tell it what to do! You can open the locks on your front door to let in the petsitter, or turn on the irrigation. It has become truly amazing to see the level of ease and control that is available, and the costs are dropping all the time.

Let us de-mystify the world of home technology, and allow you to enjoy less worry and more free time, as well as savings on utility bills. We can design and install all types of home controls, and make sure you internet is up to speed, and that it works throughout your home, not just in some rooms.

The difference between All New Home Improvement and others in the field is that we have the technical know-how to achieve your goals, and the building and patching skills to install new wiring and infrastructure with minimal impact and no unsightly scars. Our sister company is EZtv Install, so we can handle any and all technical challenges.

Some examples of the kinds of technology that is called for in the modern home:

1. Home Control: the ability to control temperature, lighting, sound and alarms with one easy-to-use interface- on your phone, iPad, or computer.

2. Home Entertainment: Have sound throughout your house, or different sounds in different rooms. With the advent of Sonos and other systems, affordable high-quality sound and video is available to all.

3. Electronic locks and Garage Door Openers: Have people working on your home? Let them in and out with one touch.

4. Cell Phone Boosting: We can easily install a simple system that amplifies cell phone signal throughout your home. No more dropped calls!

5. Lighting controls: With one touch, you can adjust multiple lighting systems in your home, including “All Off” when leaving or retiring. No more walking around the house turning off all those lights, and inevitably forgetting some.

6. Thermostats: There are many new wireless thermostats that are easy to program and can work with tiny sensors that can be placed anywhere, a much more aesthetic approach to the beautiful home.

7. Electrical Updates: Basic switch and receptacle updates, electrical panel remodel, or additional power requirement updates. Sometimes, your home is simply under-powered, so that when you want to add a hot tub, or sauna, or tankless hot water systems, we can design and manage the installation of additional power.

8. Security and Surveillance: We can design and install electronic gates, locks and other security considerations. we can design and install various camera systems so that you can keep an eye on your property from anywhere in the world!