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Have you ever wanted a really deep and luxurious bathtub, and thought they were only for the super-wealthy?

All New Home Improvement Bathroom Remodels in Santa Fe & Northern New Mexico
All New Home Improvement Bathroom

Well, times are changing, and the technology of the Bath is becoming not only more affordable, but also necessary to the value of the home. Home buyers expect a bath that is more than it used to be.

The bath is one room we spend at least part of every single day, and the feeling that comes from having a bath you can be proud of, and that you can feel good in is more important than ever before.

At All New Home Improvement, we can refinish, re-tile, remodel or renovate your old bath to a new standard. Why live with tile or plaster you don’t like? It’s time to start enjoying all the rooms in your home, and the bath is the first and last room we see every day.

Impeccable tile work, sharp details, glistening, easy-to-clean finishes – these are the hallmarks of All New Home Improvement.

And of course, we have plenty of experience working with Saltillo tile and Mexican Artisano tiles in the more traditional and antique baths and kitchens. Whether refurbishing or remodeling, we can handle every detail from helping you choose faucets and shower valves, to how tile meets plaster and other fine, but important details.